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Technical Information

  • *One SMALL table on stage & bottled water
  • *Stage should be in a central location with good sight lines
  • *No dance floor in front
  • *Curtain backdrop always makes for a better presentation
  • *If no stage, Risers should be at least 12-18” in height – Rule of Thumb is 12” for every 100 people.
  • *Stage size should be a minimum of 10 x 10 exclusive, in most cases more.
  • *Keep away from traffic and noisy areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, bar area.

Mark’s act is Very Visual. No empty space in front of stage (dance floor). All seating should be kept to the front of the stage not off to the back or sides. Make sure this is coordinated with the catering staff/event planner in advance, so they are prepared.

If your event has more than 400 people we would suggest having a large screen setup to project the visuals to the back of the venue. In most cases your event planner will accommodate you in the area.

**If there is a DJ or Band prior to, or following Mark’s performance we will need their contact information in order to coordinate the stage and sound requirements properly. The stage will need to be large enough to accommodate the DJ or band as well as Mark’s gear out front. All their requirements need to be setup at the back so that a secondary curtain can be drawn and they can pull their equipment forward during the break. If there is no curtain, then the equipment should be arranged in an appropriate manner as to not be distracting or make the stage unpresentable.


Larger stage venues: to be discussed with technical staff.

Smaller stage venues: need enough white light to fill the 10 x 10 stage area. Minimum 1 or 2 Par 64’s – white lights. Absolutely no Pot Lights, or Coloured Gels!


Full range professional sound system. Speakers must be raised on stands up to approx 6 feet. Depending on your scheduled events Mark Crocker requires a PA with 2 dedicated channels; one for his wireless headset, another for his ipod. (Mark has his own wireless headset).

A short sound check prior to arrival of the audience is essential. Please provide your schedule for the event in order to setup and sound check in advance – no later than one hour prior to arrivals.

***If you do not have a system, Crock of Laffs can supply a small system for a fee that provides coverage for venues to to 300 people. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing information. Not available for booking outside of Ontario.


Hotel to be supplied by customer; queen or king size bed, non smoking, No pet room, within the venue itself. If that is not possible then within closest proximity to the venue and a dressing room will be needed at venue.

When making arrangements for the hotel please make sure credit card number has been left in purchaser name, and room is booked under Mark Crockers’ name so that there is no confusion at check-in/out as to payment arrangements.

Dinner and Breakfast to be provided by the purchaser. Mark prefers to join the group for lunch/dinner. However, if this is not possible; please ensure when booking the hotel, to allow a dinner and breakfast to be charged to the room at no additional cost to Mark. This needs to be specified in advance to alleviate any issues at check-in and check-out.

Dressing Room: 1 clean, acclimatized room large enough for up to 3 people with seating and a mirror. This room should be close to the performance area.

If Mark’s hotel room is within the same venue as performance. The dressing room is NOT required.

Bottled water to be available before and after performance.