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OANHSS (the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes & Services for Seniors) is always looking for memorable and meaningful entertainment for their Annual Convention. Mark was provided with some brief highlights and details about the Association, and was able to use this information to create an amazing, extremely well thought-out act. His performance, along-side with his 'friends' was perfectly executed and the messaging that he used throughout his performance not only spoke directly to the sector and our members, but also resulted in endless laughter. In fact, he even included our CEO in his act, which was a huge hit.
Sharon Clark

Mark performed at an event for meeting planners. His performance was funny, touching and very original. I have often recommended his services and will continue to do so for any event, whether there be children involved or corporate.
Gale Gingrich, Owner, The Gingrich Group Inc and Events Services Consultant

We hired Mark as the lunchtime entertainment for an Insurance conference. After a long morning of education Mark lightened the room with his candor and humour. The feedback was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend Mark again for future events!

Tammie N.-Founder and CEO, ProFormance Group Insurance Solutions Inc

Mark entertained a group of Faire Alarm Instructors and had them all in stitches by the end of the evening. He was a pleasure to work with and hilarious to watch.
He is very much remembered amongst our group and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an evening of laughter and overall a great performance!
Lyndsy M. - Member Services & Events Manager

Mark was easy to work with and a treat to watch. He entertained our group of VIP's that still talk about him to this day. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone wishing to add a unique flair to any event.
Pauline C-Front Services Supervisor at Casino Sault Ste. Marie

Mark Crocker is undoubtedly the funniest and most talented ventriloquist I have had the pleasure of casting.
Brian Levy-Casting Director

Mark is an amazing entertainer!!!
All of the Oilwives loved him, he had a rave review!!!
Some of the ladies in the very front had a few too many drinks and were talking and carying on, and Mark was able to stay focused and keep all the rest of us ladies on the edge of their seats in gut wrenching laughter!!!
He is hilarious, very smart & well rehersed...
The Oilwives of Fort St John highly recommends Mark for any cool club who needs a good laugh!!!
Trina J- President of the Fort St. John Oil Wives.

Mark is an incredible talent. His ability to captivate and engage the audience is second to none. Mark had the audience laughing right through to the very end of the show. I would recommend Mark to entertain any occasion or function beit at quiet gathering of friends, corporate function or public venue, Mark can adapt to any audience genre or venue and will leave a lasting, positive impression on everyone.
Stephen F.- Stephen Leacock Theatre

Mark gives an excellent performance that is entertaining to all. He is very progessional, creative and reliable.
President at Financial Horizons Group

Mark is one of the best entertainers that I have had the pleasure to work with. I have hired Mark on more then one occassion and our audiences were laughing and having a wonderful time the whole time he is on stage and off. Mark is professional and personal - most importantly he is down to earth and so easy to work with. I would recommend him for any type event, over and over. You truly will NOT be disappointed. If humour and something a little different is what you are looking for - then look no further, you've found it in Mark!
Hope Clark

Marks professionalism and ability to identify and interact with the audience leads to a great entertaining experience. His interaction with the audience is very comical, while remaining respectful.
Bob Baltin- Peel Regional Police Association

I had seen Mark at other corporate functions and knew he would be a perfect fit for our audiences. He has more than sufficient material to see him over and over, and still be highly entertained

"Very Professional"

"What a Great Talent"
"Top Quality Act!"
"I was rolling out of my seat with laughter"
Saugeen Home Builders Trade Association

“It was a pleasure having you perform for our province’s dairy farmers. After a long day of meetings, they needed to laugh and you delivered. Your ability to connect and interact with the crowd kept them captivated…you are certainly gifted! From an organizer’s perspective, your professionalism throughout was a pleasure. We look forward to having you back soon!”
Heather’s version: “YOU ROCK!!”
Nova Scotia Dairy Farmers

It was fabulous… Are you planning to come back to Saskatoon…..
WorleyParsons Canada - Saskatchewan

We have had Mark entertain our clients twice. Both times he was outstanding! It is always nerve racking to have 600 plus clients in a room and put someone on stage to entertain them without offending anyone. Mark has the experience and ability to keep the audience engaged without crossing the line and costing us clients. I would highly recommend him for any function .
President - Finan Home Services Ltd.

Mark's entertainment style is way "Out of the Box". He has his craft perfected and was amazing with our clients. He engages the audience during his performance and developes a rapport not usually seen in most acts.
Insurance Supermarket Inc.

On behalf of the Educational Services Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the fantastic and humorous presentation you provided at the OSSTF's Educational Services Officers' Conference. Not only did your ventriloquism keep everyone laughing, but also the actual content of your show was fabulous material. The show was both uplifting and stressed the points, in a funny way, on the important issues the Federation must deliver to its members on a daily basis. As you know, the Federation has an all inclusive membership, i.e. teachers, support staff, educational assistants, males, females, hearing impaired, etc. During your show, you were able to capture this and our hearing impaired members and her interpreters were very much at ease and able to follow along with no difficulties. It's things like these that make our conferences such a huge success. Mark you are truly a great vocal illusionist! Again, thanks for agreeing to present at our conference and putting a relaxing twist to a long, intensive day.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

I wanted to pass along a full pledged unauthorized endorsement for Vocal Illusionist - Ventriloquist Mark Crocker. Mark's show fit our bill perfectly, his performance went over huge with our crowd and I wanted to pass along for others looking for a great show with side splitting laughs. His talent is the best that I have ever seen and his level of professionalism fits nicely with the MARRIOTT standard. I am sure there are a number of groups each year asking you for talent recommendations (as I did).
This is an act you would be wise to keep on file and share with those that ask, if anything give them my email and I will answer any questions that they might have. I must be clear, nothing in it for me, but I was so impressed with Mark that you should be aware and besides good clean fun is hard to come by!
Gary Vaughan – Rebar Canada

In case the roars of laughter didn't give it away, your presentation was a hit. In fact, in your messaging, you touched on a few things ie: 'being a coach' that has recently come up in conversation quite a bit and seems to be something we are trying to accomplish with our management team. Well done!
The group also enjoyed starting the day on a light and positive note. It seemed to set the tone for the rest of the morning.
Vicki Baronette, CHRP  - Performance Management Facilitator  - Organizational Development, Safety & Wellness

We hired Mark to provide entertainment at our year end event -- that was 4 years ago and we are still talking about it as the best entertainment we ever had! He had the audience in stitches the entire time and had worked in advance to incorporate many people in the audience in advance. We found him easy to work with, valued our needs first and was well worth every cent! We would not hesitate to have him back again!
Craig Lindsay - Brockville Ad & Sales Club

It appears from all the emails, phone calls and personal conversations I have had since returning home, that all 170 people were totally entertained. The owners of Murdoch Group Inc. have expressed to me their total satisfaction of your performance, and have stated that comedy such as yours proves that you do not have to compromise comedic integrity to achieve a laugh. As a vocal illusionist you are outstanding, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend you as a high caliber entertainer at any function.

Murdoch Group Inc.

*It was good clean fun, very good
* Outstanding....
* VERY VERY Funny guy!
* Excellent choice of entertainment!
* Very good audience interaction!
* Mark put on a fantastic show
* Unbelievably Funny
* Pretty funny....good audience participation
Fountain Tire Managers Meeting - Edmonton

Mark entertained a group of Directors and Managers from all over Southern California who are in the Water and Engineering field. It was without question one of the best Christmas parties we ever had. This happened 3 years ago and they're still talking about it.
Brian Bowcock - Controller

The convention was great but Mark has been the most memorable for a great many. The International Director Bob Curlew was very impressed. He lives in Tennessee and would like to have Mark there.
Great show!!!!
District A5 Lion Convention

I was just looking over the conference evaluations. Everybody circled the double happy faces for your performance (excellent)…one circled the happy faces 3 extra times, one circled them and added 3 pluses and one circled them and added 3 extra happy faces. So I think you might have been a hit.
Thanks very much again and I especially love how you “personalize” your delivery to the audience. I’ll keep on bragging about you to colleagues locally and across the province and hopefully we’ll cross paths again. Take care,
Victim Services

It was a pleasure for me to work with Debbie and yourself. You are certainly an artist with a very special and unique talent!
Employees are still talking about your performance and a number of them have told me that your performance was the highlight of the General Assembly. They were talking about various parts and having another laugh as they recalled. The other comment I heard quite frequently was that employees were amazed at the quality of your performance and how talented you are. The feedback certainly was positive! It was a great day!
I would look forward to laughing with you anytime!!!! Have a great day.
Karen Ellis

It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your performances – I have received nothing but positive feedback. People are saying their stomachs were sore from laughing for so long. Always a good sign. From the administration side, we all felt we received good value for our dollars spent.
Brenda Mercer -2011 Omingmak Frolics Coordinator

If you have ever had preconceptions of a ventriloquist, ditch them till you have had an opportunity to see Mark. Not only does he tailor his performance to the crowd, but it is very refreshing to enjoy side-splitting humour that is appropriate for all ages. With his unique ability, he is able to wisk you away from your worries with many chuckles along the way. Truly, Mark is a unique act and can make any corporate association event into a very memorable one. OCEA extends a big than you to Mark Crocker and all his friends for helping to make the Symposium into a rich, diverse and entertaining opportunity for all who attended. Thanks Mark"
The Ontario Cooperative Educations Association

I would highly recommend Mark Crocker as an excellent choice for your entertainment needs. The feedback on Mark was brilliant - comments such as what a great change from the norm - this guy really knows his craft - his delivery and execution was fabulous. Mark Basciano was in house and he just "loved him" and as we both know Mark attends everything under the sun and then some! Go ahead and book Mark - I promise you won't regret it - and if you are able to have a conversation with him whereby you can give him some "info" on some key attendees - present, committee chair, Mark will incorporate some great humour - TASTEFULLY DOEN into his set - no worries there!

Waterloo Region Home Builders' Association

People have been talking about how great it was and some regret not seeing your show.
If we can have you back at some point I would certainly do so. As well, I will spread the word to my colleagues in Nunavut about your wonderful shows.
It was a pleasure meeting you and showing you around Cambridge Bay. If you ever get a chance to come up to Nunavut in the summer jump at the chance. This place is amazing in the summer.
Municipality of Cambridge Bay

Mark was awesome. Even better than awesome. And even with the speaker cutting in and out which was a pain for Mark but he pulled it off. Anyways Wow what a performance. I know the Toronto Macs group that was there will be booking him for sure.
Also others. Thanks again to all. 
Mac's Convenience Stores

It was excellent.. they are still buzzing about it... even the cranky people here have been jubilant .. so we must have brought good cheer.. even my wife.. well almost...(lol) It is always an honor of mine to work with professionals such as yourself.. guys who go out and do it.. you have quite a skill that amazes the rest of us.. The staff keep asking me... " who was that unmasked man?" I would look them in the eye pat them on the back and say.. " That my friend was Mark Crocker.. vocal illusionist" " Will we ever see him again?" " Only if you can afford a ticket you blue collar mechanic" your show was great... 
MacPhee Chev

The ability to make people laught is an incredible talent. You had everyone in stitches. It was one of those nights where your jaw hurts from laughing so much! There were so many positive comments about your show that we would like to ask you to be a part of our fall meeting. Thank you once again for such an enjoyable evening.
NTN Bearings

Thanks Mark. I did get lots of good feedback on the show. Some years the spring social really bombs apparently so thanks for making it an enjoyable evening! I didn’t know that we had CIM groupies until you left with all the ladies after the show!!
Area Project Manager, Cigar Lake Project

Your performance was a big hit with the group. There was a lot of talk about it the next day, still some laughter and from those that missed it, regret that they didn’t see it. Luckily for you though no one ‘attempted’ to call me ‘red’ or I would have had to hunt you down!! I attended the Ed Services workshop on Friday evening and Saturday morning and your name came up in it also as you are listed as a presenter in the resource bank pamphlet. Most of the attendees in that room arrived on Friday for the workshops so we’re not there for the performance. They were upset that they missed it after hearing about it!!
Sandra Corrigan, OSSTF

You make me laugh, Thank you for taking the time for the interview. I have to admit, it is like no other interview I’ve done in the past. Very memorable! Chester and Elmer I mean of course, well you weren’t so bad yourself. It was fun. I am editing it this morning (it’s still making me laugh) I so enjoyed the show both nights. I don’t remember laughing so hard in a long time. Except during the interview...Thanks Chester, you made me laugh so hard I snorted and I was really trying to keep quiet behind the camera. 
It was nice meeting you, and again awesome job. You are truly a gifted performer.
Dianne Townsend - Senior Producer - Shaw TV

Everyone really enjoyed you and Chester and the Grumpy Old Man! It was highly received by everyone let me assure you and I’ll make sure I tell everyone I know who’s interested.
John Witt – Safetek Emergency Vehicles

Just a short note to let you know that we all enjoyed your show last Thursday. Definite highlight of the conference - MUCH funnier than the humour seminar :-)
Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre

As the organizer, I know full well the anxiety of hiring entertainment for the group and answering the questions of "what to do" "Will they like it" and so on. I have to say we hit a Home Run with you headlining our Friday night. Your show and level of professionalism was over the top, perfect for our crowd in every way. I had many compliments, laughs and even people quoting your friends all weekend; even today someone was quoting Elmer at the board meeting: this means you made a wonderful long-lasting impression on the crowd. Your talent rivals the best in the business and our weekend was made that much more memorable with your comedic wit and interaction with our group.

Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

The competitors and committee members that attended the evening event thoroughly enjoyed an excellent mix of stand-up comedy and ventriloquism. There were numerous tributes to your choice of comedy material and the high quality of ventriloquism. I would highly recommend your act to anyone planning an event and would enjoy seeing your performance again.

MTO - Carrier Safety and Enforcement Branch

Thank you for such a superb performance. The delegates who attended from across Canada, the United States, England, Sweden, Germany and Czech Republic felt that your performance demonstrated great versatility in the stand-up and ventriloquism portions of the show. I personally heard many tributes regarding your choice of material that was appropriate to this law enforcement audience, the caliber of humour, showmanship of your talent as a ventriloquist. I would high recommend your act to anyone planning a corporate event, and look forward to an opportunity to see your performance again.

International Conference on Violent Crime - OPP

After a long morning of education Mark lightened the room with his candor and humour. The feedback was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend Mark again for future events!
CEO - ProFormance Group Inc.

Thank you, Chester, & Elmer for your great performance at Starport Severn's Rock Around the Dock Event.
Thank you for adapting so well to the changes. There was no doubt by the amount of laughter in the room that you were a great hit with the Starport crew.
I do hope to have a return engagement for all the folks who could not make the September 8th event due to inclement weather. All the best of success in all your future engagements.
Starport Severn Marina's

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Friday night show on the Holland America Cruise to New England and Canada. I especially liked the drawing that talked. I was so surprised. You made that drawing board come to life. It was great fun. I hope all continues to go well for you.
Kim Ferguson

Just wanted to let you know that I have received “so” much great feedback about last Thursday nights Ladies Night in Carp! You have no idea how many people have fallen in love with the old man.Thanks again, I was thrilled how well the entire night turned out!
Heather D- Carp Ag. Society

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you we LOVED your show on the Cruise! You had several fans at the airports!! At the Montreal airport we ran into 3 separate groups talking about your show! Everyone loved It !

At the Chicago airport Chris & I ran into more fans!! You were a huge hit! Chris & I enjoyed meeting you! ! It was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to your next performance!!
Chris & Chris from the cruise ;-)

Mark's entertainer style is way "out of the box". He has his craft perfected and was amazing with our clients. He engages the audience during his performance and develops a rapport not usually seen in most acts of this type. He develops a story line during his show that keys in on the individual personalities in the audience and his show provides a closeness between the guests and his "associates". I can't say enough about his performance. He is intensely humorous, a wickedly quick wit and he develops an amazingly believability in his characters that you can't help but believe they could be "Human". Mark is prompt and his attention to detail before and after the show are sure to earn him much success in the future. You won't be sorry that you engaged his services
Sheldon S. Vice President Distribution